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Saturday, April 08, 2006

04.07.06 New Pornographers/Weakerthans @ Thunderbird Stadium

another school year ends with arts county fair. both my video requests from new pornographers and weakerthans went unanswered. dicks... whatever, i ended up back stage w/ the catering anyways.

got in in time to catch the last portion of weakerthans. they're still boring.

new pornographers: ac newman's neice does a pretty good job of filling in for neko case. there was an absence of dan bejar, but i guess it wasn't that obvious to me, since it is newmans band. they played about an hour or so. a pretty good mix of all their albums. i wanted to hear miss teen word power, but they didn't play it. they were pretty talkative between songs when they weren't dodging what the crowd was throwing at them. they also didn't encore. curfew.....

crowd still sucked. ppl (meatheads) were 'moshing' to kelly clarkson being played over the PA.

$10/$0 (i got in free)



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