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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Top Ten List 2010

Having a blog that updates, legally gives you the right to have and publish a top ten list. None of these are in any particular order.


Kaki King - Junior
A concept album about secret agents from one of today's most underrated guitarists.

Fang Island - Fang Island
An album that never failed to put me in a good mood whenever I listened to it.

Arcade fire - the Suburbs
It's the Arcade Fire.

Robyn - Body Talk
Guilt-free pop music.

New Pornographers - Together
More awesome pop rock anthems from Vancouver's own.

Caribou - Swim
Dan Snaith has a PhD in Math. He definitely knows a thing or two about beats.

Envy - Recitation
Combines the whirlwind emotion of post rock with the gut wrenching rawness of hardcore punk.

Janelle Monae - Sub-Archandroid
A diverse melting pot of forward thinking R&B/Soul.

Beach House - Teen Dream
Reminds me of my love for dream pop

Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Fantasy
An incredibly ambitious album from everyone's favourite interrupter. He shoots high and amazingly hits his target.

Honorable Mention (aka number 11): Crippled Black Phoenix - I Vigilante

in case you care, my favorite song was probably a toss up between Crash Years (New Pornographers) and Daisy (Fang Island).


02.06.2010 Do Make Say Think / Happiness Project / Years
A really diverse lineup, yet it all falls under DMST at the end of the day. HP was very interesting and was a perfect break from the usual concert norm.

07.14.2010 New Pornographers
Capping off a two night stand, it's a full lineup in the band's hometown playing for a surprisingly rowdy bunch of people. Nice.

02.24.2010 Wintersleep
One of my favourite bands playing in a all too small venue. Wintersleep at the "Atlantic House" as close as you'd get to seeing them in their (original) hometown of Halifax

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