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Friday, July 29, 2005

hmmmm hd

that new sony hd cam is putting bad thoughts in my head. i saw it in a&b the other day for $2497. i don't really feel bad about not waiting because a) even at that price it was about 200-300 over my budget at the time. b) it's a first gen HD cam. still it is pretty.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

dredg 07-22-2005

my booting day actually started out around noon. best buy was having their grand opening w/ the black eyed peas doing an instore. admittedly i thought this would be able to fit inside the actuAL store. i guess i miscalculated. nope. they actually closed off a street and set up a full sized stage. long story short. they started an hour late and i only put in an hour for the parking meter. i waited 30 min for naught. laaaame. but not the lamest part of my day.

went to futureshop next. bought a decent looking tripod for use at dredg. more on this in a bit.. looked pretty neat, 2 extendable parts to each leg. swivel head, and handle. everything you'd like in a tripod. unfortuneately, i tend to shoot exclusively from the front (sorry thumbs, hands you'll be sore in the future) therefore this aint a keeper.

get to richards near doors. no problems getting in. take that house of blues. ok so being NW's #1 taper ;), i decided before hand, that i should take it up a notch. this was the reason for the tripod. now any other filmer would be happy w/ a spot in the back raised over the crowd. me i was feeling ambitious. from filming past shows, i realized no one was going to get a good shot of dino playing the keyboards. certainly not from a frontal angle. so when i got in, i went over and chatted up drew and dino a bit. i asked dino about the plan. he didn't really seem that interested but was willing. he refered me to his drum tech. who when i saw him, told me he'd set things up first and then get me when he was done. well that time never came and i was caught off guard when the intro music hit. reluctantly i had to quickly set up the tripod near the back. at it's full height, it wasn't really that good of a shot, especially w/ the crowd sitting on the tables they had on the floor. went over the check on the sbd, to check the levels. turns out i wasn't getting any levels. well looks like i'm cursed. that's too botched dredg boards now. :(((((((((((((

show itself was great. they're really solid live now, even more than before. no major setlist changes. they added symbol song back in, but no real new additions like matroshka or zebra skin. they did the drum take down thing, but actual take down was pretty fast. under a minute i think. kinduva cool variation i guess.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Saturday, July 16, 2005


bought ticks to converge and soad. i can't believe there are so many arena tours i want to go to. pj, soad and i was thinking about doing nin. but floors sold out i guess i dont want to see them after all.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

07.09.05 Wintersleep

wintersleep was alright. chatted with jud their bassist for a bit. he was at the merch table. talked about them owning dependant music, wintersleep starting out as a side project of kary, but turned out to be the other way around after kary disbanded. asked him about taping. auds are a-ok. i was going to ask about sbd, but then he asked what i was thinking of doing. i answered aud mics and video. he mentioned that they're concerned about multi-track recordings coming off the board however. so i didn't press the issue. jeez it's like they can read minds.

i was a little disappointed they didn't even play their current single danse macabre. they did however play 1 or 2 new songs. about 50% from their old album. still a cool show though.

they played about 40 min, which was a little suprising. didn't even stick around for sylvie or uncut.

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Wintersleep - Migration (live)

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