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Thursday, November 13, 2008

11.12.2008 Land of Talk / Josh Reichman


Josh Reichman, is apparently known for being in a band called "The Tangiers." I seem to recall hearing about the latter, though I can't remember from where. Oh well. Reichman, reminded me of Pete Doherty, at least in dress. Anyways, I was rather indifferent with their overall performance. They were doing the indie rock thing, and they did ok.


Despite their show being riddled with technical difficulties, Land of Talk played a pretty solid set, mixing both new and old material. Since the last time I've seen them, the band itself has gone through a few changes, with the replacement of both the Eric their drummer and Chris their longtime bassist, who I believe now plays in the Dears. Both new additions fit in well, if not better than their replacements. Liz is sporting a new haircut. It sort of resembles Karen O's haircut. Not even one song in, the band seemed to be having problems with their monitors. Later on we find out that the vocal monitor that Liz was using turns itself off whenever there's a lull in the vocals. Liz also had other equipment problems, needing to switch guitars mid song due to a broken string. Impressively, they didn't have to completely stop the song. Liz mentions she got a new amp. Looks to be a midsize Orange combo amp. All My Friends was played by request, not that the band had a written setlist. The nice thing about seeing Land of Talk headline, was that people were polite and attentive the whole set. It was so refreshing to actually hear just the band playing a slower number like "It's Ok" and not have to mentally block out chatter from the crowd like the last couple times I've seen LoT play. They ended their main set off with "Young Bridge", which included a nice extended outro. They encored with "Got a Call" from their new album and the familiar "Breaxxbaxx" from their first album. Overall a pretty fun show, though I would have liked to have heard more new songs. Aside from "Got a Call", I've heard all the other songs live before from previous tours. Oh well, there's always other shows.

Yuppie Flu
Summer Special
Sea Foam
Magnetic Hill
Some Are Lakes
Give Me Back My Heart Attack
All My Friends
Death By Fire
It's Ok
Young Bridge
Got a Call


CBC Radio 3 also has pictures here.

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