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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interview: Petroleum By-Product (January 2010)


State your name and what you do in the band, and who else plays in the band?

Sally Dige Jørgensen - Creative Director. Vanessa Turner - Marketing and Sales. Robin Borawski - Public Relations.

Tell us a little about the history of the band.

It was a project that initially began with the focus on our modern-day mono-culture. We were fascinated by the introduction of new artificial materials and technology and how these unnatural mediums have become naturalized into our everyday lifestyle.

We enjoy most to glamourize the lifestyle our generation has manifested, and thus have come up with our own Petroleum By-Product manifesto:
“Denaturalize – Dehumanize – Efficient Lives – Commercialize”

How would you describe your sound?


Tell us about the video you recently shot for the song 'TV Date'.

It was a collaboration with the music video film director Davide Di Saro'. Just a simple setting and some great colours and lights. The team involved in making this video included, Ewa Chruscicka, Ryan Betts, Rodrigo Barraza, Owen Ellis, Johannah Jørgensen, Davide Di Saro' and Petroleum By-Product.

Name a song from the 80's that you like.

"Cccan't you see" by Vicious Pink.

What's the coolest thing you've ever bought?

A giant size Andy Warhol book.

Are there any other local emerging bands that you enjoy?

Animal Bodies

What are your plans for the new year band wise.

Release more records. Be on a label. Go on tour. Be more superficial.

Thanks for doing the interview. You have the last say, say what you want.

"Cheers thanks a lot."
-Patsy Stone


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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

01.05.2010 Tegan and Sara / An Horse / Astronautalis

Astronautalis was a late added opener to the show. He's a one man laptop "rapper" from Seattle, who's toured with Tegan and Sara in the past. He calls himself a rapper, but he wouldn't be out of place in the spoken word genre. The large Orpheum stage did not appear to faze the lone wordsmith on stage as he was all over the place. On some songs he would be on roaming around the stage, on others he'd be in the crowd and on one he climbed the speaker stack to do a song for the people in the balcony. Pretty entertaining overall.

As Astronautalis left the stage, An Horse entered. I thought they would be doing their own sound check, but nope they started playing. In their own words, it was a "seamless change-over". I'd actually like to see more of these kinds of change overs. An Horse were pretty talkative during their set of songs from their only full length album "Re-arranged Beds." I don't remember them talking that much the last time I saw them. They played a new song which youtube is calling "Dress Sharply." Crowd loved them, not really a surprise.

During their 3rd or 4th song, Tegan and Sara both had the same Gretsch guitars. Tegan's was black while Sara's was blue. Speaking of guitar gear, I'm jealous of Ted Gowan's starcaster (original not re-brand) and also their Dr Z amps for that matter. Their set was comprised of all of their new album and A LOT of songs from their last 3 albums. In fact the song total was around 27, roughly 2 hours. WOW... As with all T+S shows, half the fun is the banter. Today there was a lot of it. One of the notable stories was Sara recounting her days in junior high and not getting any valentine candy/flower-grams. A (more) popular girl named Tara would get some and similarity of the names would always make her more disappointed than just not having her name called. After coming back from the encore break, the twins came back alone to do some acoustic songs. One of them being a stripped down version of "Feel It In My Bones", a tune that they recently wrote in collaboration with Tiesto. "Call it Off", which was also done stripped down, was a mess, as it was started and restarted a couple of times. The girls however took it in stride and eventually got the crowd to sing along as well after telling a humourous tale of how in Germany an interviewer kept referring to them as 'partners'. I think Sunny Dhak (ex-3 inches of Blood/Pride Tiger) was doing monitors for T+S as his first name was mentioned on stage at this point. Yeah, no one cares about this little tidbit. The show ended with crowd favourite "Living Room". I think a lot of people would feel ripped off it it wasn't played.


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