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Monday, January 30, 2006

01.29.2006 The Blood Brothers/You Say Party! We Say Die!

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Vital Beach
Peacocks Skeleton with crooked feathers
my first kiss at the public execution
teen heat
rat rider
trash flavor trash
live at the apocalypse cabaret
beautiful horses
rats, rats and rats for candy
love rhymes
ambulance vs ambulance
cecilia and the silhouette saloon

Well what can I say about this show. Some good points, many many bad points. Crowd seemed to be at an average age of just about 15 years of age, and it showed. Half the time it was more like a daycare than a show. The singer from YSP!WSD! didn't help matters much by saying something along the lines of ["people are getting squished up front, there are ppl with nowhere to go and I want them on stage"]. An invitation for rowdiness that carried on the blood brothers set. This wouldn't be a problem except that kids started standing on stage, unplugging monitors/instruments, which led to delays in the show. So much in fact that 2 songs had to be cut from the set, amulance and the encore. With that being said the show was amusing to watch, plus the blood brothers played a couple of new songs. Youthful energy is refreshing, but what about the people on the floor with the now obstructed view. (mesa luna doesn't have that great of sightlines to begin with) I dont' think they paid for this. Security looked pissed. This just gives all-ages shows a bad name.

so far:
hardcore kids>club scenesters>drunk chicks/fratboys>all-ages highschool kids>skidges


$13/$14 (crowd kept this one from a perfeect score)


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

LMA: dredg 2001-10-10

it's now on archive.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

blood brahs

i have a ticket. so i guess i'm going.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

BT: dredg 2001-10-10

on dimeadozen now: dredg 2001-10-10

Starfish Room

source: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L>PA6LC3B(175)>Sony PCM-M1
transfer: DAT-M>sony pcm-M1>Coresound 7pin out>Coaxial to Optical Converter>Optical cable>Zoltrix Nightingale optical in>HD
Downsampling: 48khz -> 44.1khz via cool edit pro 1.2 High Quality Pre/Post filter 999
Editing: fade in/out normalized
lineage: DAT-M>HD>FLAC no DAE

01.) Intro/Tuning
02.) Triangle
03.) Symbol Song
04.) Sanzen
05.) 18 People Live In Harmony
06.) Whoa Is Me
07.) New Heart Shadow
08.) Redrawing The Island Map
09.) Of The Room
10.) Same Ol' Road

notes: PA cuts out during symbol song and cuts back in during Sanzen (you can still hear the band.)