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Sunday, October 30, 2005


didn't get in. not a scalper in sight.

metric: will i or won't i?

i'm leaving now. scalpers don't hate!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

new pornographers

ok so i missed the boat on this one. love this band. too bad i didn't get around to checking them out until after they did a show here. but then again they're somewhat local so i'll have another stab at it soon enough.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

10.14.2005 Opeth/Fireball Ministry

Fireball Ministry opened up the show w/ their brand of mediocre heavier rock. sabbath meets motorhead type of songs was what someone described it as. a big meh was what i though. i think i saw 3 guitarists and no bassist. one of their guitarist was a blond woman who looked like she was having problems playing her guitar while "looking cool" doing it. jerky motions and awkward showy follow throughs after guitar strums.

Opeth. wow. this seriously was one of the best concerts i've seen ever. no joke. had they played drapery falls, it would have been somewhere in the top 2. Mikael commented during the set that he had a "throat infection", but that certainly didn't stop him from going all out on vocals. they played an hour and 50 some odd minutes of pure death metal bliss.

songs played:
baying of the hounds
in my time of need
the moor
the grand conjuration
blackwater park

demon of the fall

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

10.11.05 Coheed and Cambria/The Blood Brothers/dredg/Mewithoutyou

me without you: not a bad opener. a lot of ... well it was a weird 1/2 hour.

dredg: no intro. i almost didn't set up in time. 6 songs. gavin was on fire towards the end of tanbark. also no drum take down. 8th time i've seen them and it was a little lacklustre compared to the other times i've seen them. even the band admits that they're tired of playing the same songs over and over again. also played 30min.
canyon behind her was on the setlist but crossed out for hungover. bad call boys.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ode to the sun
bug eyes
same ole road
jamais vu
tanbark is hot lava

mp3 links here

blood brothers: they got a really good ovation from the crowd, even during the sound check (check check check checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck CHECK CHEEECCCKK CHHHHHHEEEEECCKKK, oh oh oh oh oh oh). they played a late-40 to 50 min set. so it was quite nice seeing them play pretty much a "headlining" type set. pretty cool seeing as how they haven't been here since 2003. they're setlist was also standard.

coheed: they were pretty solid as well. i noticed by the soundboard, the have a keyboard set up there. so i guess they have a live sound-maker guy. claudio still mumbles into the mic and their bassist still weirds caps. oh yeah i realized mid set that coheed runs a stereo room mix. so travis' guitar runs one side of the stage while claudio runs the other. uh-oh stack tapers... coheed played for about 90 min. their encore was a little under half an hour alone. 2 songs no less, iksse:3 + final cut. during final cut, they were just jamming away, going on and on and on. solos and solos and more solos. travis used his talk box, making wah wah type sounds, while claudio did the over the shoulder behind the back solo. ok guys your zeppelin rippin, could be a little more subtle. still entertaining nonetheless.

rating: $30/$30 . this lineup was stacked. it'd be hard for them not to get full marks.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

no af

reasons for not going to arcade fire:

1) i'm not a fan of echos in venues. (yeah the forum is a metal box)
2) 31.50 + service charges is a little pricey for my tastes.
3) its sold out.
4) the band's stance on taping seems to have gone from don't care to don't tape.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

10.05.2005 Feist/Jason Collet/New Buffalo

oh commodore why do you have to hate so much w/ your love of tables near my workspace?

New Buffalo: is a one woman band. from europe i think. she's arts and craft's newest signing. she also has no connection to the other A&C'ers, but then again neither does american anolog set. all i remember about her was that she opened up with 'Ive got you and you got me' and that her singing voice lacked variation and was somewhat boring.

Jason Collet: a little more country-ish twang in his set than i expected. was decent. don't think i was as bored for his set. he did hangover days with feist. (emily haines sings it on the album) Leslie does a pretty good job of pulling it off i guess, however i didn't think her "don't pull that shit on me" was convincing. after that song she disappears only to reappear to drum on 'almost summer'. quite amusing. she can definitely drum. i wouldn't call her a metronome though...

Feist: about halfway into her set i was getting sore-back-itis. oooooaaah..... :*( she does about 3-4 songs solo w/o her band. of which, a vocal loop is used. for some songs she'd sing something and then loop it, sing while the loop is playing while recording it, and repeat, layering vocals. very neat. leslie also admitted her disinterest in hockey. mushaboom was sung w/ jason collet + a few members of his band doing backup. also noticed feist's backup band had problems clapping in unision. :) he also came out to sing during the encore. they also played a broken social scene cover, 'major label debut'. which was nice because her run w/ BSS runs out the day before they hit vancouver.

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