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Sunday, October 28, 2007

10.28.2007 Fake Shark Real Zombie / Ready.Set.Die / Junior Major

The first thing I notice when I get to the Backstage Lounge is that, the venue itself is a nice place ... and that FSRZ are gonna fuck it up. Cover charge was $12. That's a little pricey for a ~25min set.

Junior Major was iirc, a drummer and a female bassist and guitarist/singer. They were also not really my thing. I can't even remember what (if anything) happend during their set or what I was doing at the time.

Ready.Set.Die was also fronted by a female guitarist. They sound like Tegan and Sara's more straight ahead rock songs.

Since it was supposed to be a halloween show, everyone from FSRZ dressed up. Malcom was Dame Edna, Kevin was a pregnant women with "Kick Me" written in the belly area of his shirt, Louis was Roger Rabbit? and Parker was Thriller era Michael Jackson?

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I've come to realize that musically, FSRZ are probably better on album than live. Live, they're really a stripped down version of what they do in studio. Meaning a lot of the samples and even some of the singing parts go out the door. However, realistically, their strength lies in their live show and antics. Which really is a sight to see.

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There was a pumpkin that was left near the stage as a prop. Suffice to say, not the greatest idea. It wasn't long before it was destroyed. There was spitting and water thrown, as expected.. Monitors were knocked over, and at the end of the set, one of the audience members got a little excited and kicked over one of the monitors enraging the stage tech/Ready.Set.Die's bassist. Think I heard Parker trying to mollify the situation by saying "It's okay Joey(?) I'll cum in his mouth."

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All this and there was another band that went on after FSRZ... but I left after FSRZ. Sorry Stinkmitt..


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

10.24.2006 Mono, Panthers, Coliseum

Mono is one of the reigning kings of post rock. If you're familiar with Explosions in the Sky and you like their soft beautiful passages but you wish songs like 'A Poor Man's Memory' was heavier, than you'll love Mono. Then again, if you're familiar with Post Rock, you already know this.

Up first was Coliseum. They have a hardcore/stoner rock sound to them. They actually sort of remind me of Clouds who I saw a few months back. They're a three piece with a lot of energy and pretty entertaining live.

Panther's bassist looks a lot like Jack Osbourne, before he found adrenaline. Anyways they remind me of the Melvins if they were playing indie rock. Not really my thing. Their guitarist broke the high E string mid set. Wasn't a problem though, because as he was saying to the singer, 'I don't use it'. Ok Max Cavalera.

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Mono was pretty much the only reason why I went to the show, and they didn't disappoint. Despite having difficulties setting up, for about 15min, they still managed to pull out a 55 min set, much to the relief of this post rock fan. It was pretty amusing to see the High on Fire fans utterly bored during the slower parts of mono's set, only to have them drop their jaws after things got... noisy ... and then loud and noiser. I think they won over a lot of new fans this night. They finished with a song that I didn't recognize. It had two parts both with airplane take offs (loud crecendos) towards the end of each part.

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Lost Snow
Halycon (Beautiful Days)
New Song

info file

...Yeah 4 songs = ~1hr

links courtesy of archive.org
mp3s also at archive.org

Waking up the next morning at 6am meant me missing High on Fire.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10.15.2007 Stu Hamm Clinic

Most people who have seen Joe Satriani or maybe even Steve Vai in his heyday, have probably came across the incomprable bassist known as Stu Hamm. Known worldwide for his stellar technique and tapping/slapping skills, he also has his own line of basses via Fender - the Urge and Urge II. Currently he has been putting on a lot more clinics, in particular ones put together by his new amp sponsor Hartke. Why it is out in North Delta (1/2 hour away from Vancouver) is beyond me.

This particular clinic was actually more of a showcase than a clinic. The format consisted of about half the time Stu soloing and the other half him telling stories. Like most polished performers, even his clinic had a program. He would start each song or piece with a backing story many of which are derived from his life. Many a personal tidbits and anecdotes were thrown in as well. The pieces he played, were drawn from throughout his career. Early in the set, he played a sparkling rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" which would morph in and out of "O Canada". Songs were inspired by many areas of his life: songs of scorned love "Ann You bitch, I never want to see you again", the time he spent in Mexico "Tia Extrano".

Other pieces were covers arranged on the bass, including Abbey Road/Moonlight Sonata, the original Star Trek and a Led Zeppelin song that escapes me. Perhaps the biggest suprise was how funny Stu was. The whole evening was pretty light hearted, with many joke and even a couple of jabs towards other bassists. Jeff Berlin in particualr. Not to disappoint, Stu also played the staples of his playing, "Linus and Lucy" and "Country Music".

Stu ended the evening with a pretty uneventful Q&A and signing.

$20/$0 - did I mention this was free?

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

10.11.2007 The Black Li....nevermind....

The Black Lips
Red Cat Records
Vancouver, BC

source: DPA 4061>IHP-H140
lineage: WAV>FLAC

01) This show did not happen because
02) The Tour Manager couldn't
03) Get over the Border.
04) So Instead of Playing At a Free
05) Instore Show
06) At Red Cat Records, They
06) Had to Drive Their Tour Manager Back To a Hotel.

($11 for the tasty drinks at East is East and $3 for parking)

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10.10.2007 Jimmy Eat World / Maritime

I wasn't planning on going to this show, but a phone call from a buddy with an extra ticket (thx T!) changed my mind.

Maritime I've been told is ex-Promise Ring. This means next to nothing to me, but apparently a lot to my buddy as he says he'd rather see Maritime than Jimmy Eat World. I don't think I'd pay to see them exclusively, but I wouldn't mind seeing them again as an opener. Their drummer kind of reminds me of Dino from dredg. They like to hit their drums really hard. The live show was also a lot better than the album I heard on the way over.

Admittedly, I didn't think I'd enjoy Jimmy Eat World's set as much as I did. After all these years, the band, who's no longer as commercially popular as they once were, seem just as tight live as they were in their heyday sometime around 2001. Also Jim Adkins still sweats on stage like someone just gave him a gatorade shower. Their set is basically half new songs and with old songs scattered throughout to keep guys like me interested every 10 min. It was pretty nostalgic to hear songs like A Praise Chorus and Sweetness after not hearing them for a good 5+ years. So yes thanks Jimmy, for playing the hits. I still think Jimmy Eat World would be a better band if they only made up-tempo rock songs and no slow numbers, because they can do a pretty good job at rockin out.

Big Casino
A Praise Chorus
Always Be
Like She'll Always Be
Lucky Denver Mint
For Me, This Is Heaven
Get It Faster
Fire Fight
Bleed American
Your House
Hear You Me
The Middle


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

09.28.07 The New Pornographers/Lavender Diamond/Fancey

Fancey played to a pretty empty dance floor. Not really suprising because I didn't really find them to be all that entertaining. While wandering around the venue I found a couple pornographers out and about mingling with the crowd.

lavender diamond was fronted by this really enthusiastic girl who could really sing, in a classically trained sort of way. She sort of reminded me of the girl who sung the solo at your school play. She'd say really encouraging and positive things some of which borderedd on the side of naivity. I think I remember her saying something along the lines of "Let's hear it for the planet earth, the best planet int he world!" Anyways, they sort of have a 70's folk/psych sound to them, which was relatively entertaining when they were on, but were kind of boring when they started to do some really slow tedious jammy songs.

I didn't really like Challengers that much. Out of all the Canadian bands who've had albums released this year (Stars, Wintersleep, Tegan and Sara...), Challengers is probably the one I least listen to. In fact, if I didn't see the words "Neko Case and Dan Bejar" on the promoter's site, I don't think I would have endured a setlist heavy with songs off the new record (understandably). I'm not really a fan of Case in general as I find her solo work boring, but man is she awesome when she sings with TNP. Letter From an Occupant with Neko singing was definitely the highlight of my night. Kathryn Calder does a very good job filling in during the non-Neko shows, but there's no denying who's got the bigger vocal artillery. With Dan Bejar, I'm indifferent. He's an interesting character no doubt. I could do without him (and probably will since he only tours with them right after a new album drops), but having him sing his own songs live is also a rarity these days so I guess one has to appreciate it.

All The Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth
Use It
Myriad Harbour
Electric Version
All the Old Showstoppers
Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
The Laws Have Changed
My Rights Verses Yours
The Spirit of Giving
Fail Safe
Mass Romantic
Mutiny, I Promise You
Adventures in Solitude
Twin Cinema
Go Places
Sing Me Spanish Techno
Bleeding Heart Show
These are the Fables
Testament To Youth in Verse
The Slow Descent into Alcoholism
Letter From an Occupant


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Sunday, October 07, 2007

[BT] Deftones 10.14.2000

not the greatest of recordings, but it does have teething.

PNE Forum
Vancouver, BC

source: DSM-S/L>PA6LC3B(170)>Sharp 722
transfer: Sony MDS-S39>optical>IHP-H140
editing: fade in/out

01) Intro
02) Korea
03) Feiticeira
04) Change
05) Root
06) Lifter
07) My Own Summer
08) Dai the Flu
09) Around the Fur
10) Back to School
11) Digital Bath
12) Teenager
13) Around the Fur
14) Head Up
15) Encore Noise
16) Be Quiet and Drive
17) Teething
18) Birthmark
19) 7 Words

.flac torrent

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[BT] Tegan and Sara 09.22.2007

Tegan and Sara
Afternoon Show
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC, CA

The ZOMB Taping Project

titles in quotation marks are banter tracks, titled after my favourite line in the banter

1. Intro
2. Call It Off
3. Dark Come Soon
4. "Hire a different Tegan and Sara"
5. Like O, Like h
6. "Like you love me"
7. Floorplan
8. Nineteen
9. "This has nothing to do with this song"
10. Burn Your Life Down
11. Speak Slow (false start) "You're fired to teach Sara a lesson"
12. Speak Slow
13. Walking With A Ghost
14. "Lots of uses for cell phones"
15. So Jealous
16. Monday, Monday, Monday (slow)
17. "This is the part of the show we screw up"
18. Divided
19. When I Get Up
20. Where Does the Good Go
21. "Sorry, I only played that song 3000 times"
22. Hop A Plane*
23. Back In Your Head (beginning cut 10 seconds to bad MD change)
24. Are you Ten Years Ago
25. The Con
26. Relief Next To Me
27. "I was married story"
28. I Was Married
29. "Prom dress"
30. I Know I Know I Know

encore break (cut)

31. You Wouldn't Like Me
32. Umbrella [Rhianna]
33. "We really appreciate it"
34. Living Room

*two skips due to being bumped

I taped both shows this date, this is probably the better recording of the two, much less crowd noise (screaming between songs present in both though)

Sharp MD-MT15 > MM-CBM-Mini > Ecm 719 (in hat)

Taped, transferred, tracked, tagged and seeded by: smashing0
Originally seeded to the-zomb.com on 2007-09-23

.flac torrent

Tegan and Sara
09.22.2007 (Late Show)
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC

source: DPA 4061>DIYBB>IHP-H140
transfer: WAV-M>FLAC
editing: lowered right channel 10%, slight bass cut, normalize, fade in/out

01) Intro
02) Call it Off
03) Dark Come Soon
04) Like O, Like H
05) Floorplan
06) Nineteen
07) Burn Your Life Down
08) Speak Slow
09) Walking With a Ghost
10) [banter]
11) So Jealous
12) Monday, Monday, Monday
13) [T+S talking about early days of band]
14) Divided
15) I've Got You
16) Where Does the Good Go
17) Hop a Plane
18) Back in Your Head
19) Are You Ten Years Old
20) [T talking about living in strathcona]
21) The Con
22) [S making fun of T]
23) Relief Next to Me
24) [S talking about being "married"]
25) I Was Married
26) [band introductions]
27) Take Me Anywhere
28) [T talking about the opener Northern State]
29) I Know, I Know, I Know
30) You Wouldn't Like Me
31) Umbrella [Rhianna Cover]
32) Living Room

.flac torrent

i nicked the mp3 links from the saraandtegan forums

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