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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Asking Permission - Soundboard

This guy's bloc party story inspired me to figure out what my batting average was in terms of getting 'board'. i'm only counting times i actually asked either a band member or the soundman.

19/38= .500


Y-06.11.02 - Stutterfly
N-10.25.02 - Dog Fashion Disco, opened for MSI, ok from the band, but no go from the sound man
N-01.31.03 - Stabilo, got the ole "did you ask", eventually offered XLRs, which i didn't have at the time, my fault...
Y-02.20.03 - Stabilo
N-02.27.03 - Dredg, couldn't find an out on the board.
Y-03.26.03 - Stabilo
Y-05.23.03 - Three Inches of Blood
Y-06.04.03 - Explosions in the Sky
Y-06.24.03 - Dredg
N-06.28.03 - Blood Brothers, apparently again no outputs
Y-07.24.03 - Three Inches of Blood
N-09.26.03 - Mogwai, found their soundman 15m before they went on. he said it was too late
Y-09.27.03 - Dog Fashion Disco, Nuclear Rabbit
N-10.18.03 - Stabilo, radiostation ppl were already plugged in.
Y-10.31.03 - Three Inches of Blood
N-11.09.03 - Red Light Sting, denied by this band but...
Y-11.09.03 - The Blood Brothers
N-11.15.03 - Pretty Girls Make Graves, had perm from band but soundman wants a band member to talk to him directly,too late,they were on stage.
N-12.10.03 - Explosions in the Sky, got a yes but someone already grabbed the board. (he still hasn't got me a copy despite multiple emails.)
N-02.01.04 - The Blood Brothers, asked soundman, no outputs apparently.
N-02.16.04 - In Medias Res, ok from band, soundman was unfamiliar w/ the board.
Y-03.26.04 - Chris/Jessie (from stabilo)
Y-06.04.04 - End this Week With Knives
N-07.13.04 - Dredg, band soundman said it was against venue rules
Y-07.24.04 - Blood Brothers
Y-10.09.04 - Unearth
Y-11.17.04 - Isis
Y-12.11.04 - Darkest Hour
Y-01.26.05 - Pretty Girls Make Graves
Y-03.25.05 - Mono
N-05.05.05 - Raveonettes, denied by tour manager
Y-06.05.05 - Against me
N-06.13.05 - Dredg, denied by house tech
N-06.14.05 - Dredg, distorted signal from board, need attenuateur
N-07.06.05 - Wintersleep, didn't allow it.
N-07.22.05 - Dredg, plugged in, but soundman fucked up.
Y-01.29.06 - The Blood Brothers
N-xx.xx.06 - Pride Tiger - Yes by the band, no by the soundman.
Y-09.xx.06 - Pelican
N-11.04.06 - Islands - got a no from the underlings, however i didn't ask nick...

Monday, March 27, 2006

arab strap

the arab strap show is kinda doubtful because this week's lost is new and the subways won't let me film, we at least their management won't...wankers..

Saturday, March 25, 2006

you tube videos

from now on. i'm upping samples to:


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Looks like they announced a show at the commodore on 4/3. Small club show, headlining, 19+. Should be fun.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


hey this month marks this site's one year aniversary. yay

Monday, March 06, 2006

Wintersleep on ECMAs

Forgot to post this. Its in quicktime and about ~25mgs



Sunday, March 05, 2006

3 in 1

hmmm now this is interesting. i could actually do 3 shows in one day. on saturday april 1st i could probably do:

2:30-5ish? Metric
7:00-10:00 Isis
10:00-1:00 Part of Islands if i'm lucky + Metric.

however the metric late show is sold out now...

Friday, March 03, 2006

not really funny, unless...

my sociology class had a new TA. so we went around doing introductions.

TA: everyone go around tell me your field of study and hobby
Me: i'm working on an engineering degree after getting a degree in compsci. technically i guess i'm in my 7th? year. hobbies... oh i do videography.
TA: (somewhat confused) ok i don't what that is, explain.
Me: i film concerts and things.
TA: you can do that? (translation: isn't that illegal?)
Me: sometimes... (translation: sometimes)
TA: (short pause for processing the response) ....ok.