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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

04.26.2005 Weezer/Ringside

i arrived at the venue around 30min after doors opened. the scalpers were outside the venue, not looking that busy. i asked one of them how much he was selling for, not really looking to buy or sell, he said i could probably get one from another scalper for $60. face was $45. glad i sold off my other 2 tix a few days earlier.

weezer in past tours, allowed 1 person per tour to openly tape at their soundboard throw a website application. the only time i'd ever consider doing this would probably be this tour as they're only playing small venues. sadly (well not for me i wouldn't have done it anyways) the band decided against it due to the fact that the album hasn't been released yet. (may something) what's stupid is that the album has already leaked on the internet. in terms of prevalence bootlegs don't really get around as much as leaked studio albums. whatever.

ringside. not too bad. kinda entertaining. sorta had that new wave dance punk thing going with a pop rock radio spin to it. i could definitely see them hitting it big a la maron(sic) 5.

weezer was very good. not a lot of interesting chatter from rivers, but the show was fantastic. their first show since 2002. they played about 4 new songs, and most songs off thier older albums. i've never seen weezer live, nor would i have seen them if this was the pacific coliseum, where they played last time they were here. but big band small venue, you gotta like that. no regrets here.

disappointments: no second encore. they left after the good life and left the lights off. the crowd was begging for another encore and the night was still young. at this point it was around 11:30 probably earlier. they could have easily came back and did surf wax USA and probably el scorcho as well. looks like they dropped the ball.

tape came out ok. one channel is louder than the other. not a huge deal i guess. i'm thinking about going for a collar set up rather than the up high setup.

Weezer Setlist

Tired of Sex
In the Garage
Beverly Hills
No One Else
This is Such a Pity
Buddy Holly
Hold Me
Say It Ain't So
We Are All On Drugs
Island In the Sun
My Name is Jonas
Hash Pipe
Haunt You Every Day
Undone - The Sweater Song
The Good Life

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

04.25.05 Cursed/Mare/Born of Ashes

show started late which sucked cuz i didn't want to wait. local openers born of ashes were boring. they had this one song at the end that was kind of redeeming, but other than that meh. their singer is out of place.

mare. these doods are signed to hydrahead. so how bad could the be right? well mini-dv tapes are expensive, so i opted to do just audio. their set was kind of art school experimental boring. sometimes it worked, a lot of times it didn't. played 40 min.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

cursed. they were ok. they have a really decent converge vibe to them. possibly may have even stolen a few converge riffs at that. not suprising since they are signed to deathwish (jacob bannon of converge's label). playbed about 40 min to a poor turn out crowd.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*sigh* i don't think this show was worth my $15.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

dredg 7.22.2004 torrent

you can d/l it here

dredg openned up for hoobastank and phantom planet this tour.

Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC

source: DSM-6S/L>PA-6LC3B(250)>M1
location: FOS
transfer: DAT-M>sony pcm-M1>Coresound 7pin out>Coaxial to Optical Converter>Optical cable>Zoltrix Nightingale optical in>HD
Downsampling: 48khz -> 44.1khz via cool edit pro 1.2 High Quality Pre/Post filter 999
Editing: fade in/out, lowered volume of part of the first song, hardlimit raise 2.5 db

01.) Intro 00:47
02.) Ode to the Sun 03:54
03.) Bugs Eyes 05:04
04.) Not That Simple 05:12
05.) Of The Room 04:24
06.) Jamais Vu 05:38
07.) Hung over on a Tuesday 04:32

Total: 29:31


-song titles are unconfirmed.
-house of blues = extreme gayness.

please do not sell
please do not encode to mp3 or any other lossless format

thanks firm.


1b57a65d4df280b001e8adb8b6f9f0e5 *dredg01.shn
1cfafd815da32d5fb64fb4bbb95bce56 *dredg02.shn
d84d7396f820f885564ee4532d0f8810 *dredg03.shn
14dba1aab7e0ef346ec0688b910f363d *dredg04.shn
be112983cb7e441ac27be4b05ddf07b2 *dredg05.shn
c290889695e62bde14244f8fbb924f87 *dredg06.shn
6a6ee0ee1a1f4b5115df6a76c696c786 *dredg07.shn


Friday, April 22, 2005

dredg sno core torrent

my dredg master from sno-core 2/27/2003 is avaiable for d/l here

Commodore Ballroom
Sno-Core Tour

source: OKM-IIr>A3>M1
location: 20-30 feet back dead center floor
transfer: DAT-M>sony pcm-M1>Coresound 7pin out>Coaxial to Optical Converter>Optical cable>Zoltrix Nightingale optical in>HD
Downsampling: 48khz -> 44.1khz via cool edit pro 1.2 High Quality Pre/Post filter 999
Editing: fade in/out, normalized
Size: 200MB

01.) Intro 00:34
02.) It Only Took a Day 03:32
03.) Same Old Road 05:02
04.) 18 People 03:55
05.) Miles 00:51
06.) Of The Room 03:47
07.) New Heart Shadow 01:30
08.) Yatahaze 03:51
09.) Canyon Behind Her 06:34
10.) Drum Outro 01:51

Total: 31:27

================================================== ===
please do not sell
please do not encode to mp3 or any other lossless format
================================================== ===


ea2cfbf44d48c7e22cf7875925d9fac1 *dredg2003-02-27t01.shn
e936d47b9ec4a3d8f700b08b21e23d48 *dredg2003-02-27t02.shn
bdd0cbb70d26d3220a3701b00bc087e0 *dredg2003-02-27t03.shn
74fd760a69a0bdddcd550da264074e53 *dredg2003-02-27t04.shn
d497b3261cdd4401456399e2cbaef3e7 *dredg2003-02-27t05.shn
5e8ec71638fd7df3eaf0be522ee5aeb9 *dredg2003-02-27t06.shn
cbbeb551d8ee6a342f41f10f80f8d2fe *dredg2003-02-27t07.shn
6110e4963547052c7708d828451220fe *dredg2003-02-27t08.shn
8cef875c757ad01ce04c9422f569ce42 *dredg2003-02-27t09.shn
09eb3f37356ddbc76ce7d5b64c094414 *dredg2003-02-27t10.shn


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Neuros Audio

possibly my next future upgrade?


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

upgrades aka I am a gear slut

a little gear history for ya.

late july 2000: sonic studios mics, sharp 722 mini disc direct from sonic studios
early 2001: Sony MDS-S39 Minidisc Deck from a local store
july 2001: sony pcm-m1 dat recorder off ebay off of a local taper to avoid shipping
sometime 2001: replacement sharp 722 for broken 722. :( that one didn't last long
later 2001: coresound 7pin cable. what a POS.
sometime 2002: md-mt90, main reason for buying really wasn't for tapin though.
july 2002: soundman okm-II rock ver mics from ebay.
january 2003: sony dcr-trv18 camcorder
august 2004: sony dcr-trv590 camcorder 3ccds baby!
late 2004: realistic 33-1065 for 9.99 on ebay they even threw in some speakers.
april 2005: dpa 4061 x2 offa ebay $150 each not bad.
may 2005: Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-1 Battery Module ~$40?
dec 2005: oade 7pin coax cable (passive) $60
feb 2006: iriver ihp-hp120 $250
feb 2006: digidesign mbox $200
early 2007: fostex d5 DAT palyer/recorder $100!


Thursday, April 14, 2005

04.13.05 QOTSA @ Queen Elizabeth Theater Vancouver, BC

i'll keep this short, since my knowledge of qotsa isn't really up to par. got to the venue near doors. queens of the stone age, has an open taping policy, but i was kind of worried the theater staff would try and pull something on me. walked up to the security guy. he does the pat down. feels both jacket pockets and feels something in each. says whats in the those pockets. i show him a cd player in one. (slowly, the dat and mics are in the other pocket) the guy is real impatient and continues the pat down. oops he found something in my jeans pocket. i show him keys and other goodies. he never did see the other jacket pocket.

throwrag. i guess they're rockabilly. they were amusing at times. boring at others. they played 40min.

qotsa, pretty good from what i heard. i had row 2 (which was really row 4) dead center. i was a little worried about not hearing vocals because that's what happend the last time i had similiar seats seeing STP. anyways, recording came out fine.

ran into andrewkw after the show. he ran microtech gefells or whatever they're called. no stand just taped to one of the boxes by the soundboard. he also ran a pair of soundpros. man those are small.

Queens of the Stone Age Setlist

Wolf (Weird G)
Feel Good (C)
Lost Art (C)
1st It Giveth (C)
Go W/The Flow (C)
Avon (C)
You Would Know (C)
INsane (C)
Broken box (E)
Lego (E)
In My Head (E)
Monsters (E)
Burn Witch (Magic Bass) (E)
Little Sister (E)
No One Knows (C) w/ long solo
Dead (C)
I Never Came (E)
Headache (E)

Long Slow (Magic Bass) (E)
Reg John (C) w/ dueling guitars

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Friday, April 08, 2005

04.08.2005 Arts County Fair - Thunderbird Stadium Vancouver, BC

arrived at the venue around the time the first band was on stage. went to the media entrance and gave them my name. yep i'm not on the list. but wait i learned from yesterday. i brought a copy of the email. which didn't really say much, but did confirm that he got the passes. the will call girl gives me a backstage pass wrist band and a guest list laminate. i ask her does this give me video clearance, cuz that's pretty much what i asked for. she sorta rationalizes it for a few seconds and gives me a media pass. this'll prolly be the best i can get so i leave it at that hoping there are no restrictions like 3 songs only.

march in there see stabilo. they've come a long way from when i last saw them almost a year ago. they've got a kind of jam band feel to them now. 'everybody', their money shot song had a sort of jamy ending. the end of the set was capped off by let it by the beatles and marley's no woman no cry, with karl their bassist and chris the lead guitarist switching instruments.

Stabilo Setlist

go get your guns
one more pill
lazy eyes
let it be (beatles) -> no woman no cry (marley)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

metric was eeehhhhh, good and bad. good barricade. bad everyone with a media pass went in to try and film/take pictures. the head of security ended up kicking everyone out but the epk people. i moved onstage. kinda sucked. but turned an A+ into an Aish. they had a pit going during their set. i don't know what to think.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

K-OS, i wasn't paying full attention to because half the time i was having my way with the catering backstage. i was impressed by what i saw. i totally respect what he does.

Matt Good, it might be me, but i thought he sounded terrible in the 3 mins that i saw. just saying...

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04.07.2005 Metric/Elizabeth @ Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC

Ah the commodore the bane of my filming existence. I get to the venue around 8ish. Tell the will call girl to check for passes. and suprise suprise none. she asks if i can back up my outlandish claim that i've been in contact with the tour manager about filming the 2 metric shows. I tell i can, but not right now as i forgot to print up the email. oops. I come back 1/2 later, with a copy of the email. i'm greeted by the same will call girl who explains there was a problem with getting the list together. she calls up the tm and we're in business. i get to sign the famous hob waiver. which doesn't really limit my use of the footage at all. all it really does is set guidelines during the show, and states that hob, you and the band are in agreeance that everything is ok. weird.

on to the show. it turns out that i'm not the only filmer there. there are about 4 other cam-ops there with 6 pro cams. panasonics. they're shooting for an epk. elizabeth started the show with a decent set. i was neither bored nor "rocked". metric was good, i have no regrets. my spot was ok. i was really hoping for a barricade at the show (towards the end of their set the drunk ditzy chicks started to boogie down in my area.) there was a lone stage diver mid way through the set. a friend told me later that it was none other than K-OS who will play the day after. and yeah, no one caught him. Love is a Place was on the setlist, but not played.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

04.02.2005 AmbulanceLTD/Autolux/Dr.Dog @ UBC Pit Pub Vancouver, BC

Judging by a change in pollstar, apparently this show was supposed to take place in Edmonton instead of Vancouver. Their loss is our gain. I was rather disappointed by the fact that Autolux (the band I came to see) will be making 3 stops in Vancouver over the course of 4 months, yet none of which will be a headlining tour. On the other hand, I guess it saves them a lot of money by being the main opener instead of the headliner. If they were to play every song off their album, they'd only play 50 some odd minutes. Doing 30-45min opening slots would make more sense.

I arrived at the venue about half an hour after doors opened to find a pretty bare pit pub. I've seen more people in it on a weekday afternoon. Dr. Dog, was pretty meh. Actually they were kind of boring. The only thing worth writing was that one of their singers wore sunglasses the entire time, which sort of gave him a Kurt Cobain resemblance.

Autolux was up next. They opened their set with a new song rocking instrumental. Their set was quite good. A nice long setlist for an opening band. Their drummer is very good at what she does. I don't know a lot about drumming technique in general, but i do know that she's good enough to set herself apart from a lot of the other drummers I've seen over the years. During 'Robots In the Garden' she starts with a maraca in one hand while drumming in the other. Mid way through the set, the maraca is dropped, and another drum stick was grabbed, all without missing a beat.

Autolux Setlist

23 Watt Apple Juice
Subzero Fun
Turnstile Blues
Asleep at the Trigger
Robots in the Garden
Capital Kind of Strain

For me Abulance LTD was more of a bonus. I really could have left after seeing Autolux. In fact a few people did. Apparently they're New York's darlings of the indie scene. They did enough to keep me entertained but nothing more. A lot of their songs were pretty good for chill music, but I found it to be a little repetitive. I was pretty relieved after they stopped playing after 50 min. They actually encored after 38 min. I did it. 2 Shows in one day, and all it cost me was a sore back.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ambulance LTD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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04.02.2005 Death From Above 1979 @ Mesa Luna Vancouver, BC

This show not surprisingly sold out a few days before the show. A long lineup to get in meant not see much of Elizabeth one of the openers, so i can't really comment on that. Controller Controller was pretty good. They've got that dance punk sound going on. Quite entertaining if i must say so myself. Didn't roll tape though, as I don't really see a need to.

The venue itself was packed tight like sardines in a can. Got stuck near the side of the stage. Wasn't too happy about it but thought i could pull off an over the drummer's shoulder shot. Problem was he was too high. So I moved onstage towards the back and kneeled sorta behind the drummer. Not a bad view at all. Cam #1 was situated towards the back. Sightlines kinda sucked, but i guess that's the best you can do, unless you go balcony, and that has sort of a weird feel to it.

DFA took the stage and blasted right into turn it on the lead off track from their album. A few songs later, they hit their current single romatic rights. They played pretty much most the songs from their album managing to keep the momentum from playing their singles early on in their set. The crowd was really into them with many a crowd surfing done by the mostly underage looking crowd, even some kinds who couldn't be any older than 15. At one point DFA stopped a song mid flight in order to lecture the crowd about how crowd surfing only benifets the actual surfer. They played a little under an hour with one encore.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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2 shows in one day. my back is soooo sore. reviews soon...