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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

03.20.2008 Jill Barber / Matt Barber

Amazingly, this show would be the first sister/brother show that I've been to. Not surprisingly, their music are quite similar, yet each have their own unique style. The tour was dubbed the "Sibling Revelry" tour, which was made more appropriate as the night wore on. Despite being relatively low key in terms of promotion, this show did sell out much to the chagrin of the unlucky few who had to find something else to do that night.

Matt Barber the elder of the two siblings started the show in place of an absent Sevilles. Most of his set consisted of folk alternative country type music. Most songs were done with an electric guitar/keyboard player and a stand up bassist shared by the Barbers. Other songs were Matt solo. This is where Matt seemed to shine and captivate the crowd the most. Also of note were a couple of numbers done with Jill.

Jill Barber continued the set in much the same way her brother started. What set Jill apart from her brother was her storytelling. Much like the Quinn sisters, she freely regaled the audience with humours stories of their childhood and odd "inside jokes" that only members of the audience with 'Barber' as their last would find amusing. At one point a fan member calls out 'Jillian', at which point she replies something to the affect of "is my mother in the house?" Matt then quips "Is Anne Murrary here?", apparently alluding to the fact that she resembles the other Canadian songstress. Jill's set consisted of about 80 minutes of song and story. On some songs, Matt would return the favor and jump in on her sister's songs, playing on keyboards, guitar and suitcase (they had no drums). The first set ended with the crowd pleasing 'Hardline'. Easily the song most people were waiting to hear. During the encore, she asked for requests from the crowd. Someone in the crowd gave her some song lyrics. She ended up playing the song anyways. The night ended with a sultry cover of Neil Young's It's a Dream.

$12/$17 - SOLD OUT
photo credit: Adrian Burden

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dub Trio 9-24-2007

Shon from Telemov posted Dub Trio's show from last year opening up for Helmet. We did the stage lip angles. You can watch it here:

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sam Roberts 5.26.2006 HMV Robson - Acoustic

Sam Roberts
HMV Robson
Vancouver, BC

Sam and Dave did a mini acoustic/interview show for CFOX's 6'o Clock Rock report at the HMV store on Robson St. in Vancouver, BC. The songs and interview were also broadcasted live.


Uprising Down Under

The interview parts I might upload later. I'm having issues with gmail right now and they're too big for youtube.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Laziness and apathy in 2008

I don't know what it is about this year that is making me so lazy. So far as of today, I've only been to about 2 shows. Granted January and February are usually slow months for shows, but realistically I did bail on a couple of shows that I probably could of went to. Somehow this apathy even extends to upcoming shows. Maybe it is a lack of commitment or more laziness, but I have even missed a couple of pre-sales that 2007 me would have been all over. Which leaves me the trepidatious task of finding a ticket broker before the shows (yes, I've slept on more than one), and trying to convince him (or her, but I'm assuming they're more rare) to sell me a decent ticket for more or less face.