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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

BT: mono 9.21.2005 dvd


Doug Fir Lounge
Portland, OR
September 21, 2005

Video Source: Sony DCR TRV18
Transfer: Sony DCR TRV18>firewire>HD
Taper: Steve Mew

Audio Source: Schoeps MK4s (DINA)>Nbox>Sony PCM-M1@48 kHz
Transfer: Tascam DA-20 MkII>Emagic Audiowerk2
Taper: Robert Dempster

Lineage: MDV-M + DAT-M>DVD-M

The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain
Kidnapper Bell
Where Am I
Lost Snow
Halcyon (Beautiful Days)

Total: 01:13:10
Size: ~4.2 g

Video Attributes as reported by Cyberlink PowerDVD:

TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame Rate: 30.00
Bit rate: ~6-7 Mbps

Audio Attributes as reported by Cyberlink PowerDVD:

Audio Coding mode: LPCM
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Number of Audio channels: 2
Bit rate: 1536 Kbps

Most likely I won't be upping 24/7 so its probably best just to set it and forget it.



looks like priestess is playing on thurs. @ the buffalo club for new music west. nmw. what a shitty festival relative to all the other known fests and even it's former self. that being said me being at priestess isn't really likely, but not impossible i guess.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wintersleep youtube

almost forgot about this
wintersleep - danse macabre from last year at richards



Thursday, April 13, 2006


Chimaria was playing today. Pros to going: may find a band member, get a pass and film. also they quit roadrunner. Cons: haven't bought tix/no tapes/its raining outside/canucks are playing/i'm lazy.

not a hard choice

Sunday, April 09, 2006

BT: new pornographers


The New Pornographers
Arts County Fair
Thunderbird Stadium
Vancouver, BC

source: DPA 4061>IHP-140
transfer: ihp-140>usb 2.0>hdd
editing: cuts/fades
lineage: WAV-M (0G)

01.) Introduction
02.) Twin Cinema
03.) Use It
04.) July Jones
05.) The Laws Have Changed
06.) Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
07.) The Bleeding Heart Show
08.) Testament in Youth in Verse
09.) Jessic Numbers
10.) Mass Romantic
11.) From Blown Speakers
12.) The Bones of an Idol
13.) It's Only Divine Right
14.) The Slow Descent into Alcoholism
15.) The Body Says No
16.) Sing Me Spanish Techno

notes: there's some fluctuations in channel volume during blown speakers due to my mic
falling out from it's mount, if you're wondering. Kathryn Calder does Neko's parts.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

04.07.06 New Pornographers/Weakerthans @ Thunderbird Stadium

another school year ends with arts county fair. both my video requests from new pornographers and weakerthans went unanswered. dicks... whatever, i ended up back stage w/ the catering anyways.

got in in time to catch the last portion of weakerthans. they're still boring.

new pornographers: ac newman's neice does a pretty good job of filling in for neko case. there was an absence of dan bejar, but i guess it wasn't that obvious to me, since it is newmans band. they played about an hour or so. a pretty good mix of all their albums. i wanted to hear miss teen word power, but they didn't play it. they were pretty talkative between songs when they weren't dodging what the crowd was throwing at them. they also didn't encore. curfew.....

crowd still sucked. ppl (meatheads) were 'moshing' to kelly clarkson being played over the PA.

$10/$0 (i got in free)


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

04.03.06 Deftones @ Commodore

so this was posted on the deftones.com today sometime in the afternoon:

We are in vancouver at a sold out show at the Commodore.. The band are doing something special tonight and are allowing the kids to bring in cameras/recording stuff and video as long as it is small and not pro gear..

that was from their tour manager.


their myspace looked like this:

Going to the show tonight in Vancouver?

If so, bring your small recording/video devices to capture the action. Snap cameras, video cameras, etc are all welcome. Tonight is going to be a bootlegger friendly show. Everyone is invited to bring in your personal recording equipment but no professional gear please. It's gonna be a unique show and we want it all captured by you... and if you want to be a real pal, you can send a message tomorrow for an address to send a copy to. Tell your friends... and as always, thanks!


don't really like they way they called me a bootlegerr but whatever..

arrived at the commodore at doors. real excited. i heard a scalper was selling a ticket for 170. others didn't even have tickets to sell. mandatory bag check was still there, but i was able to keep my bag w/ me. didn't even search it. gotta hand it to the tour manager, didn't get hassled at all, except by this one guy who asked for a pass, but didn't really follow up on it:

him: what's in the bag
me: my camera
him: do you have a pass?
me: i don't need one.
him: let's see the camera.
*i show it to him*
*he walks away*

Around the Fur (in its entirety, in order)
Adrenaline (in its entirety, in order *Edit* no fist)

kinda looked like the deftones were trying to do something similar to the beastie boy's 'holy fuck i shot that' or whatever it's called. too bad, cuz aside from their crew, i think i was the only other person who taped it. saw one other filmer, but he couldn't have possibly gotten the whole thing. plus he kept moving around. oh well. oh yeah and in true deftones fashion, there were stage divers.



Saturday, April 01, 2006

bane youtube

added a bane video from last year:


04.01.06 Metric/Islands/Panurge @ commodore

panurge: kinda meh. basically indie/emo rock w/ bouncy beats so girls can dance.

islands: before i saw them. i had only heard 'don't call me whitney, bobby'. which is probably their money shot. rest of the songs come close to being as good, but falls short. man is this band weird, though in a good way. they even have 2 asians playing the keyboard and violin (stereotypical). the stage presence of this band is commendable.


live it out
glass ceiling
wet blanket
poster of a girl
patriarch on a vespa
ending start
monster hospital
police and the private
on a slow night
hustle rose
combat baby
the list
dead disco

they're current intro is better than what they were doing before. starts out w/ the intro to live it out on the pa then cuts out, the band then jumps in. kind of a weaker setlist imo. i was hoping for calculation theme or love is a place. but nope. dead disco was loooooonggggg. they just kept jamming out on it. someone told me they played london halflife the night before. i kinda doubt it though, he did admit to being drunk at the time though.

overall this was a great show though. i'm skipping out on isis tonight. didn't get a lot of sleep last night cuz of wintersleep + my back and feet are killing me.

i'd actually see metric again but
a) my back is sore.
b) sold out. i'm expecting to pay in around $50 on the low end from a scalper.

$30/$35 (setlist could have been better. dead disco's length swollowed up a couple potential songs)


03.31.06 Wintersleep /Contrived/Jill Barbar

just got back. fun show. 1st out of a possible 4 in 2 days....eep. i need sleep.

Search Party
Jaws of life
weighty ghost
how you lie
nerves normal
listen, listen listen
danse macabre

$13/$13 venue was kinda meh, i would have given a higher mark if they played 'people talk'.

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