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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


architecture in helinski sold out. they had 15 tickets left by the time i arrived at the venue. guess who was 16th in line. lame...

i walked around trying to find another (decent show) to tape. crystal pistol was playing at richards on richards. so it was go to that or go home. i went home. hey, high quality mics should tape high quality bands right? :)

Monday, May 30, 2005

my slayer master from 2002 is up at dimeadozen. not really suprised it's up there, nor it's lack of source info, just suprised how long it took to get spread around. you can d/l it here... well if you have an account.

still haven't used the dpas yet. if im feeling particularly bored, i might probably christen the mics at Architecture in Helenski @ the media club. but i dunno. i don't really want to see this band, but i really want to give the dpas a test run before against me/mbd.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Trail of Dead on Archive

upped my recent trail master to archive.org you can d/l it here.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC

source: DSM-6S/L>PA6LC3B(250)>M1
taped by: Jeffrey Mew (jeffmew@gmail.com)
lineage: DAT-M>WAV>FLAC (no DAE)
transfer: DAT-M>sony pcm-M1>Coresound 7pin out>Coaxial to Optical Converter>Optical cable>Zoltrix Nightingale optical in>HD
Downsampling: 48khz -> 44.1khz via cool edit pro 1.2 High Quality Pre/Post filter 999
Editing: normalized, fade in/out

01. Intro (Ode To Isis)
02. Will You Smile Again
03. It Was There That I Saw You
04. The Best
05. Worlds Apart
06. Days of Being Wild
07. Caterwaul
08. Aged Dolls
09. A Perfect Teenhood
10. Heart in the Hand of the Matter
11. Totally Natural
12. Another Morning Stoner
13. Mistakes and Regrets
14. Richter Scale Madness

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Monday, May 23, 2005

new Wide Angle Lens

since i seem to always film up close. it would make sense for me to try and get a lens that would broaden scope of what my camera sees. hopefully this is good

looks like this one but black

my new lense

Saturday, May 21, 2005

05.20.2005 ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead/(International) Noise Conspiracy/We Are Wolves

Suprisingly when i got to the commodore, there was a fellow in front of me, with a rather large non stealthy lunch bag looking thing with an MD and condenser microphone in front of me. apparently he was going to do an interview. The ticket lady was saying he'd have to check it, because they didn't allow recorders, but was overruled by this other guy, saying recorders were ok tonight. hmm perhaps i should have brought my cam.

We Are Wolves from montreal opened up. they're kind of an experimental noise rock band. a trio with a bassist, percussionist doing dance punk beats, and synth guy. i couldn't really get into them, however i found they're over the top flaunting of their quebecois accents amusing.

(i)nc, were pretty cool. lots of high kicks and jumping from most of the band. love their matching getups too. they played about 47 mins.

trail of dead. what can i say. out of all the times i've seen them this one was probably one of the better ones. setlist was very similar to the one they played in november. i was hoping for a little more variation. i found their instrument destruction to be a little disappointing. i think i only saw jason get into it. and that was mostly him kicking around one of the drum kits. speaking of jason, he did a stage dive with mic in hand, only to be caught by ... the floor aparently. towards the end of richter scale mass the started to pull people on stage. then everyone started climbing up until it filled up. the soundmen did a nice job of muting the hijacked mics. at that point i was thinking i've never hated being a taper more than at that moment.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

bought trail and against me! tix today. yippie.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

05.05.2005 The Raveonettes/Autolux/The Peels

the last time i really wanted to film a show at the an hob event that wasn't at the commodore, was murder by death and weakerthans at the red room. at the time i really didn't know what to expect. i was prepared to check my gear, and do just audio. luckily (and suprisingly) no one cared, and i had no problems. today was different. when i heard the show was presented by hob, i went ahead and got in contact with the band before hand. they referred me to their manager who referred me to their tour manager. i never got word back from their tour manager, but was prepared to go anyways. after all autolux was playing. this will make it their 3rd time in vancouver in 4 months. not bad. maybe i could convince someone inside to let me film them, if nothing else i can go home and watch tv, cuz tv's really good on thurs.. i was stopped at the door by the security guys. they asked the door girl about video. she didn't know and said she would ask the production manager from house of blues. she looked over her list and said there was no one scheduled for video. i explained both bands shouldn't have a problem with it. she was worried about what the footage was for and about how bands expected presenters like hob to maintain a strict policy towards things like video to keep out bootlegeers (people who end up selling footage). i made a short rant about how 90% of the bands i've asked have had no problems with video (the ones that do i respect their wishes) and it's mainly house of blues who make it hard for me to video. she appeared sympathetic to my cause. production manager came along and we got talking. in his mind no video. i was about leave, when i noticed the door girl checking her list for a guestlist for someone else. whoah. and there's my name at the bottom of the list. i pointed this out to her and she acknowledges this new finding but says it's only a photo pass. i enquire is photo same as video (it is in hob's system)? the production manager seems to have hit a snag in shutting me down. oh and look who just happens pop in - the tour manager for the raveonettes. the production manager refers me to him and leaves. i talk to the tm and find out that he got my email and was busy about confirming. he's hesitant on giving me video clearance. i tell him i'll keep it to myself and reassure him it's only for personal use and not commercial. he seems ok with that. just for kicks i ask him about sbd access. he tells me "i can't let you do that." oh well. moving on, i ask him about autolux and if i can get further clearance to tape them citing i've done it in the past. he tells me it's his jurisdicton. their tour manager isn't crossing the border, you'll have to ask the band. bing-o. this doesn't solve the hob thing though. i was only cleared for raveonettes by hob, not autolux.

i decide to do audio and video seperately. i figure if i get popped i'll still have audio. remarkably, no hitches. autolux played about 35min. which kind of sucked because i was hoping for a longer set like the one on 4.2.2005 they didn't bring their own lighting this time. apparently they arrived at the venue quite late and were unable to setup in time. they played a new song at to close out the set. it started out with mellow with carla singing. goes on for about a min, then some real craziness that i can't possibily describe. lots of feedback and speedy drumming.

Autolux Setlist

sub-zero fun
capitol kind of strain
turnstile blues

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

raveonettes were quite cool. i was going in thinking they were kinda folky rock with a country twang because that one song i heard on their website. nope they can rock out in a white stripes sorta way. sune reminds me of orlando bloom. they did 2 covers. one being "my boyfriends back." it worked for them i guess, with sharin doing the vocals along side back up vocals from the actual song on a tape player. now this albeit is kinda chessy. admittedly it would have worked in my mind if the tape player wasn't considerably louder than sharin's mic on the PA. at least they played their instruments unlike some other bands *coug-ah whatever le tigre. yeah to sum it up good show. and well worth my efforts. even if i was only allowed 5 songs for the raveonettes.

The Raveonettes Setlist

you say you lie
heartbreak stroll
let's rave on
here comes mary
that great sound love
little animal
my boyfriend's back
attack of the ghostriders
evil l.a girls
veronica fever
red tan
ode to la
love in a trashcan
c'mon everybody
somewhere in texas
do you believe her
cops on our tail

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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