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Monday, December 25, 2006

01.29.2006 The Blood Brothers - Rat Rider (pre-album)

Merry Christmas

this is a different version of rat rider than the one you hear on their album.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Favs of 2006

i'm trying to keep this more of a video and show reviews only blog. but i couldn't resist making a list.

The Blood Brothers - Young Machetes
Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope
Murder By Death - In Bocca Al Lupo
Converge - No Heroes
Cursive - Happy Hollow
Malajube - Trompe T'oeil
Land of Talk - Boo Hiss Cheer Applause

Wintersleep/Contrived/Jill Barber 3/31
love most bands on dependent music. and here we have 3 of them. and comon wintersleep headlining! nice small intimate club setting helped.
Wintersleep/Malajube 12/2
solid lineup. new songs. awesome show. probably the most polished i've seen wintersleep yet.
Islands /Subtitle 11/4
first time headlining in vancouver. tight playing, new songs, covers and all the favorites. what more could you ask for?
Sufjan Stevens/My Brightest Diamond 10/14
soof-yon deserves every bit of hype he gets. amazing music in the perfect venue.
Capitol Hill Block Party
cheap ticket, lotsa bands, lotsa fun.
Deftones 4/3
around the fur, and then adrenaline, and the only time taping was allowed. what luck.
Final Fantasy/Bob Wiseman/Magali 9/15
innovative visuals, talented solo-ist, owen pallett makes the violin cool. he showed us why he's the reigning polaris prize winner.
Silver Mount Zion
the closest i'll come to seeing gybe! in the foreseeable future.

Honorable Mention
Transmission Festival Dec. 2
free industry only show. fav mostly for the atmosphere and situation. not quite as amazing as the foo fighters/radiohead capitol records gig that i heard about years ago, but definitely an different and interesting vibe.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

01.29.2006 The Blood Brothers - Trash Flavor Trash

1 more.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

01.29.2006 The Blood Brothers - Teen Heat

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

01.29.2006 The Blood Brothers - Set Fire To The Face on Fire

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

12.02.2006 Wintersleep/Malajube

So Malajube doesn't allow video taping. got shut down by their tour manager. interesting.. they still put on a pretty decent set. as you can see it's a very similar setlist to their show the day before. still no la russe or even ton plat favori. guess i'll have to wait until a headlining set.


Montreal -40 degre Celcius
Pate FIlo
le Crabe
Etienne D'aout
la monogamie

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I guess Wintersleep realized it was the last show of their tour, so they sucked it up and put on a rockin set despite being sick. way to 'leave it all on the field' boys. They opened with 'search party' again. love that song. man, their new album is going to be great. There were extended jams on nerves and dance as usual, different ones than i've seen/heard before. seriously, without being too much of a fanboy, they had so much energy and enthusiasim that you wouldn't think that 4/5 of them were sick. Helping out once again, doing keys/back vocals/guitar was semi-permenant member Jon Samuel.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

They played listen listen towards the end, an unexpected treat as it was not on the setlist. Fog was also played with some interesting guitar work by Tim. Would've liked to hear People Talk for once, but you can't get everything. Overall about 80+ minutes of rocking.


search party
oh moon and the shiny tamborine
jaws of life
weighty ghost
nerves normal, breath normal
listen (listen, listen)
a long flight
danse macabre

The only thing that really irked me were the group of people that were beside me in the front row, especially the chick who was having a disruptive conversation during the entire night, and most annoyingly, during listenx3.

30/0 I didn't pay anything but the show was worth at least 30.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

12.01.2006 Transmission Festival

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The premise of the transmission festival is to take 20 or so of the best unsigned indie bands in the world and bring them to Vancouver to strut their stuff for 200 or so industry reps and delegates. There would be 2 showcase nights, each having 2 stages and live showcases non-stop.

In terms of "best unsigned indie bands", the organizers seem to have gotten the Canadian portion of the roster correct. I can't complain there. The non-North American portion i can't really comment on. However, the U.S portion seems to be lacking in general, or maybe my idea of good indie bands differs from the organizers.

After a bit of research, I find out that the event is being held at the Roundhouse Community and Arts center in Yaletown. Not the kind of place you'd expect to find a show. The venue was remarkably nice. The stage setup and sound were exceptional in fact. Good mixes all night and killer sound. All the sets were filmed in one form or another. Probably done by MSN sympatico for future broadcasts.

I got there pretty early, really just in time to catch Wintersleep doing their soundcheck. Really odd being one of 2 people in the audience. From what I heard, played Archaeologists and Jaws of Life. Talked to Loel for a bit. Found out 4/5 of their members were sick. WinterFlu. heh.

The Little Ones started the night off. They were ok. I think they're twins. Possibly the male version of Tegan and Sara. Sort of an indie dance/pop feel to it.

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Wintersleep was awesome as usual. Perhaps a little reserved and (for lack of a better term) sterile (due to the unresponsive crowd).


Search Party
Weighty Ghost
Nerves Normal, Breath Normal

Mr. Hudson and the Library, aside from his somewhat interesting name, was fairly lacklustre.

I checked out CircleSquare because I thought I'd heard of them before. For some reason I thought i recognized them as an opener in the US hardcore or metal scene. After seeing them, I doubt I was thinking of the same band. CircleSquare was fairly boring because of their sound came across as monotonous. If it wasn't' for the fact that they had a video (random footage) going on while they were playing, I would have fallen asleep.

Hawksley Workman did not play his radio hit. (I don't know what it was called, "strip tease for me baby.") Maybe he's serious about getting signed and realized he shouldn't be playing shitty songs. He still does nothing for me.

Out of all the bands I hadn't heard of prior to today, Super 700 was probably the stand out. They're a Berlin based band playing alternative rock in english. Comprised of a keyboardist, bass, drums, guitar and flanked by 3 fairly attractive, on average female vocalists, they held my attention for the the duration of their 30 min set. They kind of remind me of Garbage (the band), pre electronica era.

Last time Small Sins were in town, they stole the headlining slot from Wintersleep. Out of spite I left left early. They're really not that bad of a band. They like to bring the dance party. As a result there were people (just a few) dancing up a storm at the front. Yep, they're a pretty fun band to watch. In my eyes they went from 'wouldn't pay to see them' to 'would watch them if they opened up for someone I like'. Definitely one of the better sets of the evening.

Malajube rounded out the night. I got into the room mid-way through their soundcheck. They were jamming on an instrumental number. Pretty cool. By now it was later on in the evening, weeding out the industry stiffs, leaving mostly fans and dedicated suits. The crowd reaction was really good. They even filled the front of the stage when the singer asked them to come closer. My only complaint was the song selection. I would have liked to hear la russe or some of their other more up tempo songs.


Pate Filo


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Friday, December 01, 2006

Every Time I Die - Thunderstruck Intro (AC/DC)

Every Time I Die
Thunderstruck - ac/dc cover
meow meow
portland, or

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