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Thursday, June 29, 2006

06.28.06 Hella / The Advantage / Octis

Yes this is an update. And its a show review. Hooray! Went to Hella (sorta), thought I would get there early, but for some reason forgot where the venue was. I thought it was on granville. It wasn't. Luckily the show started late. Said doors 8/show 9. About 15-20 minutes late.

Show started with Octis. Almost missed the start. Guy looking like a typical roadie gets on stage and starts doodling on the guitar. Ok. Then he starts shredding. No band just him shredding, Dillinger Escape Plan style. He continues this backed by samples of drums and blast beats. Does this for 10 minutes. Then a drummer comes out and starts hammering the drums just as spastic as the guitarist. The drum kit had some of the most decrepit cymbals i've ever seen. This continues for another 15-20 minutes. The drummer must be tired. I couldn't really tell if they were even playing together or if they were both improvising on the spot. The oddest thing is that he left his walkman drum samples on the ledge and just left. I hope he didn't need it. [edit] turns out it was the end of the tour, so I guess he really did leave it out.

The advantage was next. Pretty cool, I've seen both advantage and minibosses and while I still like minibosses, The advantage does play a lot of songs that are more obscure. They even moved the drum kit to the front of the stage a la.... well pride tiger if you know them. There was a pretty big crowd. Really seemed into them. If anyone doesn't know already, The advantage plays Nintendo covers. The cool thing is that they mix it up a bit. They'd add some teasers, speed up and slow down songs. Pretty fun.

Festers x2
Gremlins x2
Air Fortress > Metal Gear > Bomberman
Cake > Marble Madness > Metroid
Goonies II
Mario > Blaster Master
Castlevania 3 > Willow > Bubbleman
Duck Tales
Ghosts + Gob
RHCP = CV Medley
Guardian > Bubble Bobble
Gradius > Solar
Jetman > Solar

Hella was next. As a bit of back story, being a goofball that I am, only brought 1 minidv. So that means no more film. Which means going home to me. In my defence I've walked out of Dillinger Escape Plan before. So the precedent is already set.

$12 + 1 dirt cheap walkman/$12
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Saturday, June 24, 2006


that's the last time i wake up early to try and get tickets to tool. 2 tours in a row and nothing favorable.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Darkest Hour is coming to town

... in August. Hooray! Yea theres not much news.

Monday, June 12, 2006

[SS] Ambulette 2006-05-07

Vancouver, BC
Media Club

source: DPA 4061>IHP-140
transfer: IHP-140>USB 2.0>HD
lineage: WAV(m)>FLAC
editing: fade in/out


When I See You
Bella Lea
The Mess
Save It
Seconds to Midnight
If You Go



Sunday, June 11, 2006

no patrol

looks like snow patrol's cancelling their upcoming vancouver date (along w/ a few others), which means their instore @ hmv is probably toast. not that i really wanted to pay to see them, however i wouldn't have minded seeing a free set (even if it would have only been 2-3 songs) still i won't be shedding any tears over this one.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

06.07.06 Wintersleep

Interesting day to say the least. Didn't even know if I was going to film today, but brought a cam anyway. Ends up, I was able to film at the commodore... Got there at doors. Thought I was lucky to find a broker selling for 20, but in my fervor for a good deal forgot to check the guestlist - oops. Met Jud and chatted for a bit. Found out that they're planning to do some West coast festival type shows in Vancouver with.... Metric. Also, their first cd is sold out, but will probably be repressed. I was told the pressing was 5000 or so. Also told that I won't have to pay for Wintersleep shows anymore. SCORE! Then went with Jud to the production office area?. Was finally told the reason why only 1 cams are allowed in HOB places. Apparently when 2 cams come into play insurance /liability? has to be taken out. Interesting... Was actually told to sign a waiver this time and then given a Video pass. Hammered out some fine details and then went ahead. Big thanks to the (production?) lady who was doing all the work (sorry I forgot your name). Was organized and professional.

Set was pretty good. Had never seen Wintersleep do such a short set before. Didn't think they would play Archaeologists and really didn't think that they would play it mid set. Good showing. Interesting mix of songs. Small crowd of people seemed to be into it. Didn't stick around for the other two bands. Pilate and People on planes. Mike was absent for the show; touring with Holy Fuck I think. John Samuel (I think) who's from Contrived took his place. Which is fine, he's been doing one of the verses on (Weighty) Ghost for a while now.

Oh Moon and the Shiny Tambourine
Jaws of Life

$10/$20. This night would've been so much better if I had checked guestlist. Again big thanks to Jud and Wintersleep.

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Monday, June 05, 2006


Well flaked on this show too. Show was going to be at the Nightlight in Bellingham which is about an hour away from Vancouver. Looks like a good idea at first. Problem is place looks like it is very anal about ppl bringing in cams/audio. In fact they seem to have a lot of bullshit rules. Next show will probably be wintersleep. Will I make it 3 in a row? (If you count the mbd and other mono show) Stay tuned.