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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

These Arms Are Snakes - Angela's Secret (live 2.1.2004)

Angela's Secret (live 2.1.2004)
These Arms are Snakes
Meow Meow
Portland, OR

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05.05.2007 Explosions in the Sky/Eluvium

Around mid-June I realized I never posted this entry. At the time it was too late to post this, but now I have a reason to post this because I've got audio up from this show. Although the first paragraph is now a little irrelevant, I kept it as I like the band and I'm still disappointed I had to choose between 2 great bands that night.

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First let me say this, I love the band Murder By Death and wouldn't think twice about seeing them if they ever came to town. However, when I found out they were coming to town (yay!), opening up for Rev Horton Heat (uh....), I was rather disappointed. Why? because it was on the same day as Explosions in the Sky. EITS wins this battle because they're headlining.

After at least 2 botched attempts at coming to Vancouver, Texas' beloved sons, Explosions in the Sky finally made it to the upper Westcoast. The venue itself was somewhat surprising, not only for locals (when was the last time an established post-rock band played an all ages venue?), but also the band themselves, as they remarked how big the room was. The venue was far from sold out, yet was rocked as if it were. I got to the venue about an hour or so before doors to meet up with fellow music blogger and one serious EITS fan, Brian from iamserio.us (He also has his recording from this show + a couple other from his northwest "tour" with the band.) Very nice guy.

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Eluvium from Portland, opened up with half hour set of guess what, instrumental music. Eluvium is actually a one person band who plays post-rock like music, using keyboard, guitars, loops, delays and distortion. For me, his music ranged from brilliant at times to tedious. Lots of distortion and delays when needed, but also a lot droning mundane noise at other times. It didn't really help that he hid behind his keyboards half the time. Still, for a one man band, he's very talented.

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Explosions is everything you want in a post-rock band, beautiful melodies, crazy crescendos and a wall of sound for those times when you want to be blown away. They played a near perfect 70 min set, mixing new songs with old songs, transitioning each into the next seamlessly. Yep, no breaks. They even played my favorite song off of "The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place" (and the Friday Night Lights Soundtrack), as Michael Smith traded in his bass for a guitar for "Your Hand in Mine." The whole night was just amazing. The way EITS plays, with so much heart and emotion, you can't help but just stare and lose yourself for that 70 min.

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If you've ever seen an EITS show, you'll know that they don't do encores ...
...and today was no different. Munaf came out thanked us for coming, but apologized for not playing anymore. They do this at every show, but that's ok, their longer sets make up for an encore-less show. Encores are stupid anyways. I don't want to wait when I know there's more music coming.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Explosions in The Sky
Croatian Cultural Center
Vancouver, BC

source: DPA 4061>DIYBB>IHP-H140
location: stage lip right
lineage: WAV-M>FLAC

01.) Introduction
02.) First Breath After Coma
03.) Welcome, Ghosts
04.) With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept
05.) Your Hand in Mine
06.) Greet Death
07.) Catastrophe and The Cure
08.) The Only Moment We Were Alone

you can d/l .mp3s here.
space courtesy of LMA.

or check out brian's source here.


*UPDATE 1/2008*
video up, check the "DOWNLOAD VANCOUVER SHOWS" link on the right.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Live Nation / Ticketmaster / Local Bands

Just some random thoughts for today... Apparently Live Nation and Ticketmaster are finally splitting up. While this really doesn't concern me too much, as I don't think it will drastically reduce ticket prices, it did remind me of something. Usually when there is a pre-sale, you usually have a couple of options. The two most common ones are the Ticketmaster and the hob (now Live Nation). Previously it didn't matter too much, however when buying my Deftones tickets a couple of months ago through the HOB presale, it struck me as kind of odd that there was only 1 shipping option. Usually I would have the option of mailing/printing up my own/will call/picking up at Ticketmaster. However, this time, and I assume whenever I use HOB/Live Nation ticketing, the only option was either will call or mailing. End result, I had to wait almost a month for the tickets, whereas previously I would have just picked it up a couple of days later at Ticketmaster. Not a big deal, but a little of a hassle. The tickets are also fairly different than the customary blue/aqua that people are used to - a red and white motif.

Finally, I'm on a bit of a local bands kick as of late. I'm thinking of hitting up Fake Shark Real Zombie and Bison. Both have shows in the near future. I should be a lot more stoked about Ladyhawk, but for some reason I'm not. I know they had a lot of hype and praise from various Vancouver blogs, but for some reason they just don't do it for me. Maybe they'll grow on me if given the chance?

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

08.15.2007 Pelican / Clouds / Gargantula

It's been a while since I've made an update, and even longer since I've even seen a show (which also reminds me that I have to put up an Explosions in the Sky review eventually). Luckily post-rock stalwarts Pelican are rolling through town again, this time to a much larger room at Richards on Richards. Having seen them twice already, I was almost hesitant to make it a third. I'm glad I did.

The night started off with Gargantula, a band that I've never heard of before. After hitting the stage with little fanfare and even less of an audience (I should note that I wondered why they even opened the balcony), Gargantula launched into a 4-5 minute little instrumental bit full of riffage. At this point, my interest was peaked, until... their singer showed up. After hearing 10 seconds of his vocals, I think I headed outside, catching the tail end of a confrontation between staff at Richards and this... uh guy. I didn't catch the entire conversation, but I think it stemmed from the guy (who was caucasian) calling the staff (who appeared to be East Indian or South Asian or possibly persian) racists and nazis.

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Anyways Clouds were up next and were a pleasent suprise. Having only heard one song off myspace and a knowing a little about their pedigree, I wasn't too sure about this band on the onset. Things didn't seem to get any better with the band starting late due to technical difficulties, so much so that they introduced themselves as "Technical difficulties" and "Having a really bad day." However, when they did play, they were definitely were a entertaining. The four piece consisted of 2 guitarists and a bassist, each with a mic for vocals. The band kind of had a psychadelic hardcore sort of feel to them, and the guitars did shred. Pretty entertaining band, and full of energy, hair in their faces and singing their hearts out. I'm guessing the fact that they had so many technical difficulties and car problems stoke the proverbial fire. I really shouldn't be suprised with how well this band turned out, I mean Adam from Cave In does play in this band.

08.08.09 Update: Clouds had this to say about this show:
Vancouver BC: None of us had ever been there. We got lost for three hours and realized one of our tires was on the brink of explosion. The show was probably one of the best of the tour. People got into it and a friendly stranger gave us a whole free bag of mind expansion while we changed our tire outside. Loved Vancouver.

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Finally closing out the night was Pelican. As I mentioned in a previous review, prior to 2005, Pelican would've been an OK band to see live. However, it wasn't until last year that they were a great band to see live. Even in interviews, their members have remarked on the apparent apathy towards playing live. Thankfully, as evidenced by last year's show, things have changed and their live shows are markedly better. They seem much more confident and look to be having more fun. Trevor, one of their guitarist, even asked people in the seats to get up and stand closer. Musically they were spot on. Most of the tracks were taken from their latest album City of Echoes. Curiously, I also heard from someone mention that Laurent plays snippets of whatever would be on the setlist during his pre show soundcheck/tune up right before he gets on stage. There was one qualm however. For a band that has 3 solid albums, it was kind of disappointing to only hear 60 minutes. Even Explosions in the Sky have pushed their shows to the 70 mark.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Bliss In Concrete
City of Echoes
Lost in the Headlights
Dead Between the Walls
Far From Fields
Aurora Borealis
Red Ran Amber

links courtesy of LMA, mp3 d/ls also here.


ps: shout outs to Steve the photo guy for confirming that people actually read this.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pelican - Bliss in Concrete (live 10-1-2006)


Pelican - Bliss in Concrete (live 10-1-2006)
Vancouver, BC