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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BT: Architecture in Helsinki 2005-09-24

Architecture in Helsink
Artspace (154 W Hastings)
Vancouver, BC

Source: DPA 4061>SP-SPBB-1>M1 FOS
Transfering: m1>7pin coax out>coax to optical converter>optical in>zoltrix nightingale>hd>flac
Editing: fade in/out
Downsampling: 48khz -> 44.1khz via cool edit pro 1.2 High Quality Pre/Post filter 999

The Owls Go
In Case We Die (Part 1-4)
Feather in a Baseball Cap
Frenchy, I'm Faking
Soul Finger
australian poetry*
What's in Store?
Maybe You Can Owe Me
Do the Whirlwind+

* one of the band members recites some "australian bush poetry"
+ with members help from Dr. Dog and Wolf Parade

cheap shots:
what a pos venue. seriously.

you can d/l it here


Monday, September 26, 2005

latest tickets

went to zulu today:

the black dahlia murder
dillinger escape plan
$65 eeep!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

09.24.2005 Architecture in Helsinki/Wolf Parade/Dr. Dog

this show was quite an experience. this show was held at an "art space." and what an experience it was. to get there, i had to make a trek down downtown hastings street through the vitory square area. not the worst part of town, but far from decent. real sketchy territory. the entrance way way was from the back alley. now i know sealed with a kiss runs a fairly smooth operation, but there's no way this place could have passed the fire code. i'm pretty sure them selling beer there wasn't legal either. now normally i wouldn't care so much, but that place was poorly ventilated and overcrowded. (overcrowded means no filming if you dont show up early) it had to be somewhere in the high 30s inside. to top it off people just had to get their nicotine fix there. jeez what's wrong with you people, the air in there isn't bad enough for you? with all the flickin of the butts, i'm suprised there wasn't a fire. and if there was fire an estimation of 100 deaths wouldn't be too high.

anyways... arrived partway into dr. dog's set. i still don't understand what the deal with them is. pitchfork seems to like them. but from my experience with them, they're very ordinary. like your resident local band at your local bar ordinary. i see that one of their guitarists is still sporting shades onstage. maybe he's blind.. i dunno. they weren't as boring this time as they were when i saw them opening for autolux/ambulance ltd. but they weren't any special either. very mediocre.

wolf parade was good. bumpin beats and dancable rythms. they complained about the heat as well.

architecture in helsinki took the stage at around around 11:15. i was under the impression there was a 12:00 curfew. on the other if there was, what's one more rule to break eh? they are every bit as good as they are on the album. they're actually better live than on album imo. they encored w/ do the whirlwind w/ the help of wolf parade and dr. dog on vocals and more percussion. there are some striking similarities between AIH and arcade fire. i really wouldn't be suprised if they made it as big as the later.

Architecture in Helsinki Setlist
(what was written on their actual setlist, on a paper towel no less, not one of those high quality ones, so not bounty)

Soul Finger
What's in Store?

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09.24.2005 Converge/Terror/Cursed/Mare

arrived at the venue sometime before doors. place wasn't sold out at all. but probably should have been had the promoters not held onto 100 tickets to be sold at the door. ppl who didn't have tickets probably didn't bother to show up. for the first time at the mesa luna the doors ppl have metal detectors. yes, metal detectors. converge shows, bring the heavy artillery.

mare, 2nd time seeing them, parts of their show are pretty good. others, boring. same as last time.

cursed, not bad. 3rd time seeing them now. i've come to the conclusion that they're a solid opener, but not a headliner. they're not a bad band, but not extraordinary either. solid show nonetheless though.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

terror. oh man. what a show. in converge's words, "vogel is still crucial." lol. they played 30 min. stage divers, head stompers, 2 steppers and circle pitters all represented. there were times where i feared for the life of my camcorder. all good times. no super ridiculous vogelisms this time. lots of pit action. and swinging fists. saw this one guy in a blue t-shirt with a bloody nose. and i don't think it was from doing blow.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

converge was great as well. bannon shaved his head. good idea since he's getting thin up there. yuk yuk yuk yuk. they played a little under an hour. mostly songs off of you fail me. with a few notable exceptions. saddest day being one of them of course. it was good but overall it seemed to lack energy. there was not as much pit action during converge as there was for terror. drummer was having a few technical difficulties as well. most notable was the kick drum coming lose every few songs.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

one of the more amusing pit annectdotes was seeing someone crowd surf into the on coming path of a head stomper. the result was some knee on face action.

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post architecture.

2 out of 2 done. artspace what a dump. my back is sore.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


one down one to go. converge was sweet. architecture in helsinki next.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

more tiks

got my tickets for broken social scene. i need to start getting more comps/guest lists. buying tickets to black dahlia murder, dillinger and stars are an eventuallity. i wish i had more $$.

nice set of cans.

my new headphones:

Grado Labs SR-80.

all for a relatively nice price of $95 US. they sound nice. a lot of people find the ear muff part to be uncomfortable. i don't feel that way. they could probably be more comfortable, but they're fine w/ my ears. bought them here. free shipping is awesome.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

09.17.2005 System of a Down/The Mars Volta/Hella

got to the venue as hella was starting up. i could actually hear them starting from the patdown line. pat down was easy peasy. the females were checking the males and the males were checking the females. how odd.

hella, couldn't really get into them. sorta reminded me of that band who opened for trail last time i saw them. i saw cedric bixler going crazy for hella by the soundboard. no one noticed him. his frow-ish hair and smallest-pair-of-pants-i've-ever-seen-on-a-guy gave him away.

TMV was awesome. their visual effects were soooo trippy. most of the design was also pretty bizzare as well. but it worked. they played about 55 min. the setup that the PNE has consists of a bass stack and PAs. obviously, doing a stack tape is out of the question. i thought about lining up w/ the PA and moving back (which is what i did for system), but i was warned before that tmv uses a stereo setup. thus, i stood in the "sweet spot" (which as we all know does not exist ;) ) the stereo effects were mostly omars guitars. was it worth it? well the jury is still out on that one. vocals and guitar and flute came out great, but the rest of the percussion comes out kinda muddy. i was expecting long jams and that's what we got. i was into it the whole time. mostly new songs. i think they played roulette dares, but i'd have to check again.

System. well if this was any time between 1999-2003, i would have been super stoked to see them. now not so much. aside from a few songs, i found their new album to be a little 'meh'. they played a mix of songs spanning their 3 albums. serj, half the time, and especially during the beginning, looked like he was just going through the motions. compared to cedric, he was very subdued. to his defence though, he was wasn't very happy w/ the monitors at the beginning either, neither was shavo. lotsa meatheads in the pit. but that's expected.

rating: $49.50/$49.50 (tmv made it well worth it with their set length)

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

these tapes are going to have to be reused.

saw metric tonight. no problems getting in. arrived a bit late. all the good filming spots were gone. :( decided i'd film behind some short girls. the area filled up pretty quickly. ended up being a dance party. thus gameover filming.

opened w/ empty. i think poster of a girl was probably played 2nd or 3rd. they played mostly new songs. succexy, combat baby, hustle rose, calculation themem and dead disco were played from old world underground. crowd was actually smart enough to ask for an encore this time around. they didn't get it, i didn't care. during the jam at the end of dead disco, emily said something about watching something-pink floyd (probably the wall?) but not high. then sang some words from another brink in the wall, before going into the synth outro.

man taping this band is a pain in the ass.

Friday, September 09, 2005

more ticks

i passed on pearl jam. i just couldn't justify paying 70 some odd $$ to not see them on the floor + i had one long week of work. ed didn't do any pre-sets so at least i do have the (uggghhhh) mp3s.

seeing as how zulu sold out pretty fast and now that wolf parade is opening, i went ahead and bought a ticket to architecture in helinkski/wolf parade/dr. dog. i wonder if dr. dog will step it up and not bore me and live up to pitchfork's favorable reviews.

also bought an opeth ticket. should be good. pelican is opening.

the new microtracker from m-audio apparently ships at the end of september. not sure whether i want to spring for it when i need to pay for tuition again....

metric tomorrow.