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Monday, September 20, 2010

09.10.2010 Gaslight Anthem


Gaslight Anthem's latest album didn't exactly blow me away like their previous release did. Luckily, I'm a sucker for free shows. I've got to hand it to UBC, they've really come a long way in terms of quality of entertainment over the years. I remember seeing a lot of pretty bad CANCON rock over the years. It was fairly surprising to see a non-Canadian band headlining this years Welcome Back BBQ.

The set overall was a mix of all their albums with focus more on the latter 2 albums. Most of the fan favourites from the last album were well represented. It took about 2 songs before the crowd was pogo-ing and moshing along. Even though they've grown in popularity since the last time I saw them, singer Brian Fallon is still has humble as ever. Between songs he also suggested shows to go to that very night (Comeback Kid/Madball was his pick). It might have been that they were playing the same night, but Fallon also snuck a few lines from The National's Fake Empire during a jammy breakdown midset. Biggest surprise of the night was the encore. A 3-4 song encore which started after the scheduled curfew time.


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