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Sunday, February 26, 2006

02.25.06 Priestess / Early Man / The Sword

Show started pretty early. Ticketmaster.com said 7pm doors, 8pm show. Apparently there was salsa dancing or something after. Well, it ended up the Sword started at 7:40. In fact when I got there, there was probably only about 15 people in the bar.

The Sword was not bad. The were better live than on album. Thats not saying too much tho.

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The Sword Setlist

Early Man played next. While talking to Mikey from Priestess, found out that Early Man headlines the tour, except for this one show due to the fact that Priestess had played Vancouver before. Anyways, Early Man was a pleasent suprise. They're touring lineup has 2 guits, 1 bassist and drummer. They still have that Sabbath/Metallica vibe to them. I think they played Suicide Solution as the closer. Which lead me to ponder: this feels like as if I were to see metallica/ozzy in the mid 80s....or a metallica cover band in '06. They played about 40 mins.

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Priestess was good. Didn't blow me away but I felt my money was well spent. By this time the floor was about 75% packed. Encored with 2 songs. Today was also Dan the guitarist/back vox birthday, not that they did anything special. That being said, I probably wouldn't pay to see any of the forementioned bands again.

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Overall 16$/16$


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Early Man/Priestess/Sword

it's hob will i get in? more to come!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

future archive

at bat:
will be putting up a proper version of the seattle 6/13/05 show on archive next.

rest of the batting order:
blood brothers 10-11-2005

on the bench in no particular order:

blood brothers 6-12-2003
dredg 6-14-2005
mono 3-25-2005
blood brothers 11-9-2003 (maybe, would have to retransfer the video altogether.)
trail 11-4-2004 (though leaning towards not, sounds shitty, so i'd only do it for archive purposes)

sony hd for 1700US

sony announced they'll be releasing the HC3, a new HD camcorder for under 1700. Price will come down obviously. I think someone told me they bought an HC1 for 1300. Important point, this one is smaller than the HC1, but no mic jack. (tsk tsk sony, why do you always have to cater to ppl with shit for brains....)

BT: TAAS 12-10-2005 DVD


here ya go ya greedy bastards.

These Arms Are Snakes
The Red Room
Vancouver, BC


taper: Jeffrey Mew (jeffmew@gmail.com)
source: 33-1065>TRV950

new song
Big News
The Shit Sisters
new song
Darlings of New Midnight
Riding the Grape Dragon
Angela's Secret

-during the riding the grape dragon, you'll notice the band leave the stage with the
looping guitar still on. the house sound guy assumes they're done and starts breaking
down. the band stops him and continues playing.
-vocals are a little low in the mix, due to position. sorry.


Monday, February 20, 2006

bucka bucka bucka buck

Well chickened out of doing the between the buried and me every time i die show in seattle. In retrospect, it really didn't seem worth it going for 2 half hour sets... or at least thats how we rationalized it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Early All Ages Shows vs. Late 19+ shows

so which one is better? well i recently got around to listening to my BSS tape from the early show. you be the judge:

jimmy and the photocall
kc accidental
cause = time
fire eyed boy
anthems for a seventeen year old girl
7/4 shorelines
almost crimes
major label debut(fast)
ibi dreams dreams of pavement (a better day)
lovers spit
it's all going to break
i'm still your fag

total: 12 + 3 encore = 15 songs

7/4 shoreline
cause = time
fire eyed boy
anthems for a seventeen year-old girl
major label debut (slow)
stars and sons
Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
almost crimes
Kc Accidental
Where's Your Heart, Where's Your Mind
lovers spit

total: 15 songs.

conclusion: the only setlist i'm 100% sure of is the afternoon. the late show i'm going based on reviews and a picture of the setlist someone took. (they apparently didn't follow the setlist) the number of songs played at both shows is the same at 15. aside from that, it's pretty even in terms of unreleased songs, afternnoon got where's your heart... while the evening show got jimmy. stars and sons, evens out w/ i'm still your fag in the you for got it in people category. Major label debut had 2 versions, a fast and slow version, afternoon i'm going to say, loses here, as they got the slow ver, while the late had the fast version. Overall though, both setlists are pretty equal. I would however, give the edge to the late show, mainly due to them getting the faster of the 2 major label debut versions. having actually gone, i'd also have to give them the benifet of the doubt that they stayed somewhat close to the setlist + the outside possibly that they added stuff towards the end.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


oh snap. i did it. $250 CDN and i now own a digidesign mbox.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


After all my dat xfering woes, I can't believe it, but I am actually considering purchasing a mbox/protools set up. It's pretty pimp and probably overkill, but at the price the older models are going for it almost seems reasonable now. sigh....

Friday, February 03, 2006

isis hmmmm

someone posted this on taperssection:

> From: aaron turner
> Subject: Re: Taping Policy...Isis?
> Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 10:18:55 -0800
> To: Jeff Mewbourn

> hey jeff,
> we are usually fine with taping, but we have decided
> on this tour that we'd rather people NOt tape....
> after this tour we will return to our usual open
> policy... and we'll definitely be back to baltimore again - hope that's
> cool and thanks for asking - much appreciated.
> take care.
> a

this could mean no video for me. but if i'm feeling ballsy, i could also interpret this as they'd rather ppl not tape but won't stop you if you try. it's not like he said we're not allowing people to tape. heh. damn. i kinda wish they'd have the vancouver date on the next tour.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


my new toy:

as my friend would say, "this thing is just filthy." 40 gigs, USB mass storage, drag and drop files, FM tuner, and it can record.

now why would i get this instead of say a microtrack or an ipod? well, i wanted to have enough space to store mp3s. my cd player died and i needed a portable music machine. that pretty much weeds out everything on the market. my only complaint is the lack of recording @ 48khz.

and i must say if you have an iriver and you don't have a rockbox firmware, what are you waiting for? it's soooo much better than the iriver one.

loading time w/ iriver firmware: about a min.
loading time w/ rockbox firmware: about 10 sec.